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One of my favorite blogs in the whole wide Internet is the MIT Admissions Blog. Admittedly, this used to be because I wanted nothing more than to become an MIT undergrad. However, I’ve continued to keep up with these blogs even after being rejected from MIT because many of the posts have been exceptionally genuine, relatable, and even insightful. In fact, I actually kept a copy of one of my favorite advice posts pinned to my phone’s notes app throughout my time in college and it stayed relevant and insightful over all 4 years.

Now that my undergrad journey is coming to an end, I’ve been in a rather reflective mood. Recently, I spent some time reflecting on my journey from getting rejected as an undergrad applicant to MIT to now having committed to join the Ph.D. program in CSAIL. I decided to write some of these thoughts up and email Chris Peterson, who encouraged me to apply to MIT years ago. To my elation, he decided to share my story by publishing my email on the MIT Admissions Blogs! As someone who’s followed these blogs for close to 6 years now, having my own post up there is a huge personal milestone and dream come true. If someone had told me 4 years ago, when I was still trying to console myself after being rejected from MIT, that my college journey would turn out well enough to merit a post on the MIT blogs, I probably would have thought they were frothing-at-the-mouth crazy. Yet somehow, here we are, and I can’t help feel so incredibly lucky and grateful for how things have played out :).

If you happen to be reading this and are currently feeling a bit disappointed or hopeless by a recent rejection or setback (hello future me!), I hope this story brings you some comfort, motivation or hope to keep persisting toward goals you care about.

You can read the actual blog post on MIT Admissions’ site here.

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