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My Nsf Grfp Application Materials

1 minute read

Recently, I was incredibly excited and humbled to learn that I was selected as a 2021 NSF GRFP Fellow. Like most of my accomplishments, this one was only mad...

Featured On The Mit Admissions Blogs!

1 minute read

One of my favorite blogs in the whole wide Internet is the MIT Admissions Blog. Admittedly, this used to be because I wanted nothing more than to become an M...

My Goldwater Application Sample

6 minute read

Earlier this year, I had the incredible privilege of being named a Goldwater Scholar. While winning the scholarship was rather validating and motivating, I t...

My Main Undergrad College Essay

3 minute read

I’ve been asked this a bunch of times and here it finally is: the essay I wrote for the CommonApp. I think it’s really representative of the headspace I was ...